Get Messy, Playing with Paper

Paper Envelopes

As a paper and stationary addict I have a rather large stash of gadgets, papers, stickers, adhesives etc…

In todays mini tutorial I want to show you how to recycle pretty paper into a useful little envelope. Today I am packing kits for the Corner 2 Corner class I’m running on Thinkific. I needed a little package to hold together some tapestry needles and stitch markers.

These envelopes are simple to make and a great way of repurposing interesting paper.

sweet little paper envelopes.

Constructing the envelopes

  1. Cut a square of paper 15cm x 15cm.
  2. On each of the four sides score a line 8cm from each corner, across to the adjacent side 8cm from the opposite corner.
  3. Cut the little triangles out where the score lines cross.
  4. Round the corners (if desired)
  5. Fold three sides of the envelope in. Where they intersect either glue of place a sticker over them, to hold in place.

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