Get Messy, Playing with Paper

Dab Dab

Playing with paint does not need to be scary. Make like a child and rediscover the pure joy of plopping paint onto paper.

This simple technique is a fabulous way of getting over the fear of the blank page. Whether a writer or art maker, that blank page can be the biggest hurdle to getting started.

There is a reason why as a yarn craft teacher, I am encouraging you to take the leap into journalling.

So many of us makers don’t record what we make! As time passes we have gifted our creations and forgotten our achievements. Journalling is a fun and creative way for us to keep track of all those items we have made.

A journal is easy to pull out of your pocket, has no requirement of you scrolling endlessly through your photo stream to find the item to show off.

I’ve taught many over the years to dye, crochet, knit, spin and weave. I try to encourage my students to keep their first efforts. As they progress in skill they can see how far they have come. Keeping a journal is a fabulous way to do this.

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing more techniques for establishing a journal. A journal that you can use to record your progress.

dab dab

Dab Dab

You will need:

  • acrylic paint
  • note book with thicker paper, at least 110gsm
  • paper towel
  1. Spot pea sized dobs of acrylic onto pages.
  2. Using crumble up paper towel dab into the paint and using dabbing motions move around the pages.
  3. When paint one is sufficiently exhausted repeat steps 1 and 2 with a second colour, or even a third.
  4. Leave pages open to dry

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