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Part 2 – Cast-on

Continuing with my series on cast-on techniques. The following techniques I use infrequently but are great cast-ons to know for specialised projects.

The Backward Loop Cast-on

The backward loop cast-on is fast to learn and do. This cast-on produces a thin and unstable edge. It can be difficult to produce and even edge and to knit into. Best used for small items and increases within a garment.

The provisional cast-on

This cast-on is used when a design calls for stitches to be added that will be knit from in the opposite direction. Such as a lace scarf where the lace pattern is to be placed in the opposite direction from the centre. It starts from a crochet chain, which is knitted into. When ready, the crochet chain is removed and leaving live stitches.

The Tubular Rib Cast-on

This cast on is a little tricky but well worth the effort, as the edge it produces looks fabulous and is stretchy. Perfect for hats, with or without a turn up brim as this cast-on looks the same from both sides. It is a form of provisional cast on, so do watch the previous cast-on video before attempting this one.

Coming in Part 3 I will show you some of my favourite cast ons for socks and circular projects.

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