Colour Confidence for yarn crafters.

Water Lily

I took this photo at the Adelaide Botanical gardens, on a trip I took with Heather.

I often take photos of colour combinations that catch my eye. Paying attention to what catches the eye can inspire you to create in colour ways that may not be in your default range.

When I teach weaving. I tip a huge pile of yarn into the centre of the table. Half way through the day I get every one to stop and look at the colours they’ve chosen and compare it to the colours they are wearing. Most have chosen the colours they are comfortable with and wear, to use in their weaving. An unconscious bias.
Force yourself to move out of your comfort zone with colour.

Take my free Colour Confidence Class. It gives you an understanding of basic colour theory and tricks to helping you choose your next palette of colour.


I’d love your feedback on the class. 😀

I’m trying to ‘pivot’ my business in our unprecedented times and would be grateful for your support.

3 thoughts on “Colour Confidence for yarn crafters.”

  1. Hi Tracy, I enjoyed your Colour Confidence class – very clearly explained and good examples of colours to use together.
    I’ve seen/read most of the ideas before, but it’s great to have a refresher and you added some extras I haven’t come across before.
    I just went to your FB group page and see it’s been archived. When did that happen? You seemed to be posting quite regularly a short time ago.
    Just wondered about the way you say ‘analogous’ in the class. I’ve always put the emphasis on the second syllable, ‘nal’ but your way sounded different to me. Maybe because I’m English!!

    1. Hi Sonya,
      Thank you 😊
      Maybe I’ve listened to too many American sites or it’s a word I’ve read rather than heard pronounced?
      I spent years saying pie-cot and tri-cot for picot and tricot as I’d only ever read the words! It’s funny how we don’t even know we mispronounce words until someone corrects us.
      The poor woman in spotlight looked very confused as I was asking for a meter of cotton tri-cot for doll making.

      I did archive the group a couple of weeks ago. Once more trying to reduce the scroll of doom on Facebook and stay off the devices a little more.

      I’ve cut out Instagram and removed the Facebook app off the phone. Still have Facebook for business and messenger, those I find easier to not be scrolling in.

      Would always love to see your gorgeous weaving if you would like to messenger me. Use my name Tracy Henwood and my profile is an Ashford espinner.
      Warm regards
      Tracy ❤️

  2. Hi Tracy

    Have completed your colour course and was amazed at how these colours work together.
    Love your photo of the waterlily, the colours are so vivid and can imagine them in your wonderful creations.

    best wishes

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