Why Hand Wind A Skein Of Yarn?

Gorgeous hand wound balls

I will often rewind yarn from the commercial skein, often wrongly referred to as a ball. It might seem like a waste of time as the yarn is already in a form it can be worked from.

There is method in my madness. Often when working with a commercial skein of yarn, especially if it is slippery, the yarn will start to tangle and snag as you work with it. I end up fighting the yarn and spending time untangling it, for it to pull freely from the skein.

With a hand wound ball there is no tangling of collapsing of the ball as I work with it. So taking the time to wind into a ball, pays off with smoother faster knitting and a lot less frustration!

Hand wound balls + yarn bowl = bliss

1 thought on “Why Hand Wind A Skein Of Yarn?”

  1. You are awesome Tracy
    And most definitely not mad.
    Also love your wooden yarn bowl
    and the very beautiful knitting pictured with this.
    With much love always xx

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