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Living the life you want

The Gap – The Yorke Peninsula

Remember this post?

I wrote that back in early October. Time for an accountability update.

Wow! I’m doing it. I’ve made changes slowly over the last few months. I drink 1.5 – 2 lts of water a day. I have breakfast everyday and because of that habit I’m now taking my medications regularly.

I eat lots of fruit. I keep a bowl of fruit on my desk at work and on the table at home. I do not record what or when I eat, nor count calories. I eat three meals a day and make sure there are plenty of vegetables and salads.

I occasionally enjoy a chocolate, piece of birthday cake and a rather large slice of Pavlova at New Years. Peter and I have been out to dinner a few times too.

And the result is my health is improving, I have more energy and I have lost weight.

I no longer weigh myself daily. I knew I was shrinking when my clothes first started to fit me again, then started to become a little loose.

Beach all to myself

I have an appointment with a weight loss Psychologist regularly. We address some of my unhelpful thoughts around weight, food and my self talk.

My focus is now on developing healthy sustainable habits, not the number on the scale. It’s a huge mind shift, I’m rather proud of myself.

It’s little changes, not huge ones. I’m starting to let go of the all or nothing thinking. I’m letting go of the perfectionism. I’m letting go of much of the negative self talk.

It’s a large bird. It soared over me, riding the wind.

I’m learning to live the life I want. Slowly one habit and one thought at a time. I’m learning to choose my thoughts and challenge those that are unhealthy. I’m identifying the habits that no longer serve me and slowly transition them to habits that do.

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