Bright Happy Colours

PINK!! (Sorry for yelling but it is … PINK)

No deep meaning in today’s weaving. It’s shout in your face PINK. Hard to not feel happy when you see this exuberant colour.

Pink, the colour of romance.


A fun and fast weave, using Patons Superquick yarn.

Rya, soumac, loops, twining, plain weave, meet and greet.

I very rarely plan my weavings. I like to go with the flow. I like the mystery of what will be created. I equate planning to reading the last page of the ‘ who done it?’ novel.

And like a good book, I’ll just weave one more row (pick or shot) and all of a sudden it’s 2 am, oops 🙊.

3 thoughts on “Bright Happy Colours”

  1. Something Different

    Love the colour pink, and many colours too.
    My daughter’s riding instructor loves loves the colour pink. So much so her letterbox is a miniature bright pink horse trailer and all the horse’s saddle blankets are bright pink too.

    Love all your crafts Tracy and your stories also 😉

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