Love has immense power. It can free us at the same moment it ensnared us. Binding us to others and place.

It brings us intense joy and sorrow. The deeper the joy. The deeper the sorrow can be.

We can crave love but be too scared of the sorrow and pain it may ultimately bring.

Heart ensnared

I have a distant memory of telling my mum I would never marry, as love only brings pain. It was after one of the many of the yelling and verbal abusive moments of my childhood.

I reasoned if I didn’t love someone they couldn’t hurt me. Destiny had another idea. Peter and I created Fern at the very beginning of our relationship.

Ensnared in the net of connection

We may try to avoid the pain by rejecting love. But love is stronger. It’s insidious, it takes the smallest of opportunities to sneak into our lives. And once the seed is planted it grows strong roots. Those roots hang on tight and bring great pain when we attempt to dig them out.

That love may be for a parent, an intimate partner, a child, a family member, a friend, a pet, a home or anything that we form an emotional attachment with.

I’m grateful the universe had a different plan for me and I have risked the great pain to discover great love.

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