The new man in my life..

He’s big and strong and very versatile. It took me a while to catch him but he’s all mine now.

Meet Jack!

I’ve been very quiet this week on the socials. Getting to know Jack has taken up my time. He’s my 55th birthday present and probably my present for the next 5 years!

Jack brought a friend with him. I’m very happy as my back is very grateful!

Warping Mill

So do forgive me if the socials are quiet. The beginning of an affair tends to be intense I read.

Jack is an Ashford Jack loom and will be living at the shop. I have two other floor looms at home 😳 and I don’t want them to get jealous. Both are too big for the shop. One a Nobel 8 shaft Countermarch and the other a huge 4 shaft countermarch with an overhead beater. Being countermarch they are both painful (literally) to tie up.

Jack I’m discovering is a breeze!

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  1. Hi Tracy. Interesting that you have a Nobel 8 shaft floor loom – I bought one of those in the early 1980’s and agree they are a pain to tie up!! I had lessons with the weaver who got Eric Noble to start making looms – mine was a very early one of his. I sold it when I moved from Adelaide to Victor Harbor in about 2011, but didn’t really use it for a long time before that!!
    I also had one of his ‘sampler’ table looms which I sold when I moved up to QLD – now I just have the Sampleit I bought from you and I’m very happy with that.
    Great to hear you are so in love with Jack – what are you making at the moment?

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