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A Sense of Belonging

We all need it. Humans are social beings. We would not have survived and evolved without working together. The need to be accepted by the tribe is a strong survival instinct. Even in the times we live, it’s still important to our happiness and wellbeing to have friends and a community.

KSW December Catch up

The shop has given me a community, a sense of belonging in the world. It allows me to make new friendships. To build my tribe. Each month we have a catch up. This month we went to Hummocks Station for a Christmas catch up. We’re an extraordinary group of women. We’ve all had different educations, life experiences and our ages vary by decades not years. We all have in common a love of creating and learning new things.

May and Sarah

I’d been feeling a little low over the weeks prior to the retreat. Life events, more than depression this time. Knowing this Colleen took on organising us this month. Her husband cooked for us and everyone brought something to contribute. Rosie set up the function room at Hummocks Station in a festive spirit.

We don’t hen peck an order, we don’t gossip about others, we don’t compare each others making. We enjoy each others unique abilities. We chat about making, our families, what brings us joy, what sorrows we share. We listen to each other. It’s the nicest group I’ve ever been apart of. I’m so grateful for these women and the tribe we have formed. Their friendship and support mean so much to me.

Cotton Royal Waves

I worked on a new design while we chatted. It was simple and didn’t require a lot of brain power. Leaving me able to contribute to the conversation as I worked.

We chatted and laughed well into the evening. A few of us stayed overnight and continued making in the morning before heading home in the early afternoon.

I’ve spent way too much time comparing myself to others and finding myself wanting. Judging my businesses success against the success of others. Success I’ve come to see is unique to each of us. My success is this amazing group of women. I really have achieved what was at the core of my decision to start KSW, building a community.

Thank you to everyone who supports my little business. Your support and purchases help me do what I love to do. Inspire creativity and build community.

2 thoughts on “A Sense of Belonging”

  1. This blog shows that you have succeeded way beyond your wildest dreams. Thank you for opening your shop, where I too, have found my tribe. Even distance doesn’t have to be a deal breaker.

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