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Small looms

I’m very much an advocate for weaving on small rigid heddle looms. They’re portability makes it easy to access and weave on in just about any space.

I often take my 25cm with me when I have adventures in my van Betsy. It’s relatively easy to find spaces to warp her up as I travel.

Like a spindle verses a spinning wheel, a rigid Heddle may be slower to weave on than a floor loom, but it makes up for this with the ability to take it with you, to work on the go.

Slower by the meter, faster by the week.

I get told often, that the sampleit is really only good for weaving scarves, a common misconception. With a little imagination larger items can be woven including garments.

Skirt woven on 25cm SampleIt constructed by Liz Haywood

My friend Chris bought a 40cm Sampleit and stand from me a couple of years ago. Chris is an avid medieval re-enactor. She’s particularly interested in authentic garment construction.

Using a 10dpi reed and Lopi Einband Icelandic wool yarn. Chris wove and constructed an over dress. The dress was constructed with 3 panels woven on her 40cm Sampleit loom.

Chris can be found on Instagram as Crispy Creations

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