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Trust in the process

When knitting I trust that making stitch after stitch will result in a finished item.

Stitch by stitch

Every little stitch is important and together those little stitches make something bigger than themselves. I know the stitches are the foundation of anything I make.

If any of those stitches break then my jumper may unravel. To prevent this I need to repair the stitches.

It’s those little stitches that are important to the integrity of the resultant garment.

It’s the little things that matter.

As it is in my life too. The little habits we do each day that result in achieving our health, dreams and desires.

I knew this when I trained for my half marathons. Each step, each training run, getting up each morning, developing the habit of training each day. Trusting that each training run will result in running my first half marathon. After that each training run will improve my pace, stamina and recovery.

It’s the little habits that build our lives.

Those little habits can also unravel our lives. The habit of a block of family sized chocolate when I’m feeling sad. The habit of walking down the chip aisle and automatically putting the chips in the cart. The habit of rewarding myself with a tub of ice cream. The habit of throwing the bra off when I get home and curling up in bed for the rest of the day. All of these habits result in poor health.

I’m working hard now in changing my habits and putting new habits into my life. The habit of drinking water is replacing the coffee habit. The habit of putting fruit into the shopping cart is replacing the chocolate and chips.

The habit of regularly eating breakfast is resulting in me regularly taking my medication.

Our habits are the foundations of our lives. Change our habits and we change our lives.

For so long I’ve been putting my focus on the by product of my habits, the goal. When I’m focused on the goal, when I achieve that goal I’m lost. When I ran I always felt lost after achieving a race I’d trained for for months. I felt let down and not sure what to do next. So I’d set another bigger race goal.

Now I’m learning to focus on my habits. One little habit. To celebrate and feel proud of each new healthy habit I put into my life. each of these little habits are the important stitches of my life. If I keep my focus on the habits then the goal is a wonderful byproduct of those tiny little habits.

My goal is a long and healthy life. I want to have the health and energy to be an active part of any future grandchildren’s lives. I want to live long enough to ensure that my children will not have to take on the care of their siblings until they’ve had time to explore their own lives and find their paths. The only way to achieve this goal is to put into place the habits of a healthy life.

I’ve always been a process knitter. Rather than a product knitter. Meaning I knit for the enjoyment of knitting not necessarily for the achievement at the end. Yes I love the jumper but it’s the making of each stitch that brings me the greater joy. I now need to take that philosophy into my life.

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