mental health, wellness

Finding You

One of the tools I have used to help me get mentally heathy has been to write these posts and a journal. It helps me to clarify who I am and who I want to be. They hold a mirror up. Not to find the faults or the negatives but to find the things I want in my life.

When you know who you want to be. It’s easy to be that person. I could look at that mirror, as I have in the past and find all the things I do not like about myself. Now I look in that mirror with kindness and I see what I love about myself and the things I want to add to who I am.

Keep a journal

This morning I wrote something that I could never have written last year…

Happiness is a choice only I can make for myself. It takes a healthy mental well-being. Knowing who you are and who you want to be.


A dear friend raised a mirror yesterday to let me see a behaviour that wasn’t who I want to be. In the past I may have acted defensively but yesterday I listened and I thanked her for being such a wonderful friend. I know she’s my friend with all my faults and she wants me to be better for me and my family.

I’m so grateful for her friendship and I’m so grateful to be mentally healthy enough to listen and reflect on what was said. I saw her point and decided it was valid snd I took steps to change that behaviour.

Making changes can be scary and it takes effort and I won’t be perfect. I’m learning new behaviours, new thought patterns. Changing thoughts I’ve carried since childhood is not easy.

I’m proud of myself for each small step I make.

A few weeks ago I added some new habits to my life. I drink over 8 glasses of water a day, I eat breakfast each day. I’ve taken my medication everyday. I’ve worn my Apple Watch and increased my movement each day. I’ve also eaten more fruits and vegetables. My size 16 pants are no longer tight and I can once more wear some of my bigger size 14 ones.

It’s little changes not huge ones I can’t maintain.



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