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Fill the spirit

Ahh The Flinders Rangers… big skies, wide open spaces and following the winding roads.
Country music 🎶 wafting out the speakers.
What will the next bend in the road reveal.
This land can never be tamed.
The ruins of the buildings of those who’ve tried testify to the strength of this land.
Driving past emu dads with their chicks close by. Watching the wedge tail eagles take flight off the road kill.
A harsh and beautiful land. We walk this land but a moment in time, but this land is eternal.
With its fossil secrets, it’s water worn gully’s and gorges.
It’s freedom. It’s peace. It puts into perspective our tiny lives and troubles.

Filling my soul and spirit. Where I worked in the NT my community told me spirit comes from the land. Fern my eldest was conceived on their land, her spirit belongs to that land.

If you sit quietly in the special places you can feel their sacredness. I miss the Territory.

1 thought on “Fill the spirit”

  1. I do miss the Territory too.
    A raw and real land to live on. A place where life long friendships were made and are a reminder of how much we are valued. Love reading & listening to your stories Tracy. Thank you for sharing, with so much love always xox


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