I found her again..

This mornings walk

I found my inner mother. My inner child has been running wild for a few years now.

She’s eaten ice cream at all hours. Crammed in enough chocolate cake to feed a hoard of starving monsters. She’s stayed up late playing on her phone until all hours. She’s hung around people who weren’t good for her. She has laid in bed until all hours.

Really my inner child needed a good sharp talking to, She needed to take her fingers out of her ears, stop blowing raspberries and listen to her mother. Telling her chocolate is not a vegetable nor is it suitable for breakfast. She needed her mother to kick her out to play in the sun and get off screens.

For years now I have let my inner child behave in what ever way she has felt like. She’s become an undisciplined unruly child. I’ve been too exhausted and mentally unwell to put her in her place.

If I don’t let my kids eat chocolate by the family bar, I shouldn’t be doing it either. If I kick my kids off their screens and out to play, it’s what I should be doing too.

If you wouldn’t let your kids do it, why are you doing it?

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