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Taking the steering wheel

I learned to drive in Alice Springs. Wasn’t a lot of traffic or traffic lights back in 1990 in Alice.

My first car trip by myself to Adelaide was a scary one. Back then there were no Google or Apple maps to guide you.

When I had lived in Adelaide I had been driven around and used public transport. I had no idea how to navigate myself and as a new driver found the traffic overwhelming.

On that first trip I drove to the centre of Adelaide and found the bus stop I knew. Then I followed the bus route home.

I remember my dad laughing and telling me how much longer that route was.

I’m telling this story as an analogy of my journey to wellness. Previous weight loss attempts has seen me jumping on the bus, weight loss programs driven by others. I followed their journey and when I got to my goal or got fed up of the journey I jumped off the bus. At this point I had no idea what to do next. I couldn’t drive my own journey to the next destination. I had let someone else be in the drivers seat.

This time I am taking the drivers seat. I’m in control of this journey. It may have a few false turns, the occasional stall maybe an accident or two. But when I arrive at a destination I will have the skills to jump back into the drivers seat and have more adventures.

I’m reading and researching and taking bits and pieces I like, things that will be a fit for how I want my journey to be. I am finding the route to my destination that is my own unique journey.



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