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Focusing on what I can control

first 5k walk in years!

I wasn’t going to update until Saturday, I changed my mind. I’m too excited and enthusiastic to wait until then.

Since the last post, I have walked every day, drank 2 litres of water, worn my smart watch and counted my steps. I have controlled what I can control. I know this is it, I’m back on the way to living my best healthy life. Without meaning to I’ve been getting to sleep before 10pm each night, due to being physically tired.

I bought myself some nice new walking shoes. I’ve been walking twice a day! I’m dropping the kids to school and going walking around the Gleeson Wetlands with Kouta. She’s not particularly impressed as she doesn’t get to sniff. She was happier when James came with us yesterday and he walked her.

I was huffing and puffing a lot. I did take my Asthma medication prior to the walk and the huffing and puffing was exertion not asthma. I really didn’t feel great the first couple of days. It was a real mind over matter. Today was different. This morning I accidentally walked 5 kms! I had intended to walk around the block which is about 2km and takes me about 25mins. I didn’t turn onto Creek street and kept walking onto the airport road. It was the 5km run route I did every morning, when I ran every day. My legs just knew the way and the habit of that route kicked in. I even did a little running on the way back! I remembered how good that morning run made me feel.

We have a choice, I have a choice in how I think and how I choose to react. I am making the choice to empower myself again by taking control of those things I can. I’m choosing to prioritise my health and fitness. I’m choosing to think kind thoughts about myself. I am strong, I am resilient.

The secret to living a healthy happy life is …. to just live it that way. To make the choices each day that a happy healthy person living their best life would make. How you envision your best life to be is how you need to be behaving now.

My vision is a healthy, happy woman with the energy to give to her family and inspire others to live their best live too. The only way to do this is to do it now. There’s no waiting until someday, because that is never going to happen. Today is that someday.

I was on a high on that walk this morning. I was listening to Kurt Fearnley in Apple Fitness. And I was so inspired by his story. He uses his difference to make a difference to inspire us all to live our best lives. I too want to use my difference to make a difference.

My difference is my mental health, my anxiety and depression. I’m a middle aged woman who has cared for a family and stopped caring for herself. I’m the mother of seven children, three with additional needs. There’s a lot on my plate, like so many other women. I stopped caring for myself, there was always a I’m too busy to do X.Y. Z.

Really that is crap. If something is important I make the time. What I’m saying is I’m not important enough to prioritise my health and wellbeing.

I want to inspire you, to see you are important, your health and best life are important. Just putting one foot in front of another each day is not living the life you should be living. Put the joy back in.

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Focusing on what I can control”

  1. Such a happy positive post Tracy .Well done on your walking I try to walk first thing every day because I know that if I don’t go then I always find other thing to do .Keep up the good work ! !


  2. You are amazing Tracy and definitely inspired me! I have been trying to loose 10kg for the past 17 years! I lose 5-8 kg and then stack it back on! Thank you for updating us in your progress I agree it’s a choice and I think at times I gave up on my choice! But I need to get back to it!


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