Australian Fibre Art Award 2021

The 2021 AFAA showcase book

I snuck behind The Gnome’s back and gleefully sponsored the inaugural AFAA.

Fibres are my passion and I’m at my happiest discovering a new way to play with them. To make something from fluff, it’s a true magic. Transforming fibre with the wave or two of a hand. How can it not be described as magic?

Thank you Lynda for the Advert

I’m not truely happy making another’s pattern or idea. I’m happiest when I’m wielding my own magic.

I sit for hours weaving tiny pieces. They build up in a hat box and spill over into supermarket bags. For my the joy is in the making. The final pieces are forgotten but not the feeling of being in flow. Being at peace and at one with the world. I love that feeling, it’s as addictive as any drug.

I often look at a piece and wonder where did that idea come from? I start with an idea which during the process of making will morph itself into something else. That is the true magic of making. It comes from outside of us. The muse whispers to us and if we fail to listen will wander off to whisper elsewhere.

Thank you Artwear Publications and Lynda Worthington for all that you do to inspire us and build community ❤️

2 thoughts on “Australian Fibre Art Award 2021”

  1. I understand completely. I also love making the weaving, not necessarily for a particular purpose.. Some people find that hard to understand and I’ve often been asked ‘but what’s it for?’ They just don’t get it when I try to explain!!

  2. I totally understand with my unique hand stitchers. I’m most thrilled with my interpretation of a folded cliff in Antarctica as well as a former whaling station in glorious degeneration. Haven’t mounted them yet.

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