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My design process

I’m not an organised person. My brain does not work in a linear way. It jumps around in tangents and is very easily distracted.

A new design

I often lose track of projects and patterns. Many are half knitted. Some have made it to written patterns but not published. I get distracted by the next idea and the previous ones get forgotten as my brain wanders off, following the next shiny thing.

Unfortunately this method of working is not very productive. I buy planners and diaries and then don’t keep them!

It’s not just children who flourish with routines. I think it’s time for me to pull up my big girl socks and set myself up a routine. To set up procedures and most importantly KEEP to them.

In an effort to harness my chaotic, scattered design process I’m putting into place a system that will keep me on track and help me remember what I’m working on.

Project journal

The plan is to make a project journal for each new idea. Having something physical kept together, will make it hard to forget my projects. I’ve also got a shiny new planner that fits into my bag.

I’m putting into place a morning routine that involves my new planner, a glass of water and having my phone out of arms reach!

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