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She sells seashells by the sea shore.

I choose happy. It’s not easy to do at times. Life can throw challenges, that can test the best of us.

Eyre peninsula Perlubie Beach

The choice of happiness takes self discipline and practice. Learning to make better choices in how I react to events isn’t easy. It requires breaking a lifetime of ingrained patterns of behaviour and thoughts.

Retired greyhounds make the best companions

Taking the time to be alone in nature. Watching the waves roll in. Collecting drift wood and shells. Paddling in the waves. Putting peace and joy into my life. Collecting memories, not things. Breathing salty fresh air.

Solitude and peace.

I am working. Photographing my latest knitted blanket design. Working on my next crochet blanket.

She sells seashells blanket

I’m working on my business accounts. A rather confrontational thing to do at present. I’m filling my life with more of what brings me joy to reduce the impact of those things that stress me.

She sells seashells knitted by Kate

Practicing gratitude. Being grateful I live in a safe community. Being grateful for what I have. Being grateful for Peter who gives me the luxury of time for myself to heal and grow strong.

Goodnight sun, see you in the morning.

I’m looking after me, because I matter.

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  1. Very beautiful photos & words Tracy
    What a lovely place to be and Kouta certainly looks very happy. Seems like you are really enjoying your travels too, hopefully just as much as we love reading about them.
    Lots of love from us all

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