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Love where you are

I’m in the city this weekend. I don’t get down here very often. I’m not a city girl at all. I hate driving here. I choose places to stay where I can park the car and not get back into it until it’s time to go home.

I grew up in Adelaide, it was smaller back then. It didn’t have the homelessness I now see. It was easier to get around, the traffic was less. The shops closed on Saturday afternoon and didn’t open until Monday morning.

I’d catch the new Noarlunga train into the city. Colonnades hadn’t opened. Where we lived was still mostly a holiday town. We would run wild as kids in the Sandhills at Port Noarlunga. Prior to any thought of the ecological damage caused by loss of vegetation. We would find cardboard sheets and slide down the hills into the Okaparinga River.

The house I grew up in is somewhere in this photo. Photo;
Sliding down those sand hills was a favourite photo:

We had a horse stabled at Mr Perry’s farm on Seaford Road. That is now all covered by housing. I left Adelaide when I was 24, that’s 30 years ago. I always thought I’d return to the city. The bigger it grew the more I knew I couldn’t live there anymore. I’m not a big city girl. I like the small joys of life.

At one stage I was set on opening a second Knit Spin Weave in Adelaide. I wanted to get bigger. I’ve come to see bigger isn’t what I want at all.

I love my little shop. It’s cosy community of customers and friends. I love to see the returning faces and getting to know those faces. I love the community that has grown with the shop. Crossing the divide of customers to friends.

I don’t needed to continue to amass wealth to meet my needs. I have enough. I’m content with my life. I’m happy with what I have in life. I don’t need a bigger, flashier house. The one I have is perfect, a 1910 stone cottage that is a money trap as most old buildings are, it’s paid for and the mortgage discharged so we aren’t tempted to mortgage it again. My car is paid for as is Betsy the van.

I’m off the mouse wheel so many are on. The need to keep building wealth, debts that keep them running on the wheel. I may occasionally be stressed by the overdraft and the lack of turnover but I went into the business knowing we wouldn’t lose our home. The overdraft is a pain but manageable. I may need to get a job to keep the shop going but I’m excited to do that.

When my adventures in Knit Spin Weave eventually end. Hopefully not for at least another five years. I won’t be leaving staff suppliers and landlords in the lurch. I run my business as I do my life. Operating within my means and not overburdening myself. That’s where freedom lies.

Freedom comes with being content with where you are in life. I can take off to the city for a weekend or drive off in Betsy. I may not have fancy clothes, or overseas holidays. I don’t want those things. I don’t want or need the responsibility for taking care of big houses, expensive stuff or a business that has the responsibility of paying wages and supporting staff.

I can be small and make a difference in the world. The little things and kindnesses can also make a difference in many lives.

Learning to stay in the moment and find the peace that brings has made changes for the better in my life. That and medication 😉

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