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Finding colour inspiration

Weaving inspiration

My favorite loom, of the multiple I own, is my Ashford Sampleit. The 25 cm fits nicely in a bag and is easy to transport and easy to weave on without a stand. I’m always on the go and don’t find a lot of time to sit at a loom that can’t be on the move with me.

It’s the loom I teach on. I have five in the shop for classes.

I’ve been so focused on creating crochet and knitting patterns I’ve not been weaving of late. And when I do I feel a little guilty as I should be working on projects that have at least a glimmer of making an income.

Following that thought has me thinking it might be time to start making patterns for weaving on my Sampleit.

Have you seen Ashford’s current ‘The Wheel’ magazine?

2020 The Wheel

I wove the fabric for Liz Haywood‘s article and pattern for a Zero waste spiral skirt.

I wove the fabric for Liz’s two skirts on a 120cm loom and mine on a 25cm Sampleit.

Weaving mine on the Sampleit was important to me as I wanted to show that even a small loom is capable of creating garments. All that is needed is a little imagination and creative thinking.

Liz sewing the strips together

Little looms to me are a little like a drop spindle. Portable, can be worked anywhere and like the quote says;

Slower by the metre, faster by the week

Because I do not need to be in one place to weave, I can weave in small windows of time.

Soon I will have some Sampleit patterns to help others find the joy this little loom can bring into your life.

Plus I’m also in the process of taking my learn to weave on a frame loom class and re working it for an online class.

Check out some of the free and paid classes I have already created HERE

Contact me ( for all your Ashford requirements, as an experienced teacher, weaver and spinner I can offer you my expertise to help you select the best product for you. I can give you the support to get started and if bought in store offer free assembly and lessons to get you started.

3 thoughts on “Finding colour inspiration”

  1. I enjoyed this collaboration Tracy. This was my first time working with handwoven fabric and it was a wonderful experience.
    I’ve just bought “Clothing from the Hands that Weave” by Anita Luvera Mayer that encourages weavers to wear their cloth, with lots of ideas for using narrow woven fabrics.

  2. Tracy you are amazing, wonderful and dedicated in so many ways. Love you creations always, they are awesome and you are truly inspirational . Thank you for sharing.
    (ps Josh loves the photo of you, as I do too xo)

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