Monday Updates

Monday Update 16/8/2021

The last couple of weeks have been very productive. I released Noah’s Promise on Monday. Thank you for the support and purchasing of the pattern and kits.

I released two free classes too. These classes were ones I taught in person and didn’t require much work to get them ready for online.

The first is Learn Drop Spindle Spinning.

The Second is Colour Confidence for Yarn Crafters.

STOCK Update

Kits were added to the webstore this week.

I’ve had a new delivery of Sugar and Cream. Which will be up on the webstore later this week. I love Sugar and Cream for dishcloths, knitted, crocheted or wove.

On the Go

I’m currently working on more classes and patterns. I’m once more teaching for a Rebecca Page Summit later this year. My next large pattern release will be Full Circle. A crochet throw I’m slowly working on between more urgent tasks.

Full Circle.

It’s also time for Kate, Rosie from Hummocks Station and Leahcim Wool and I to put our heads together and start planning the retreat for 2022! We’ve had some great feedback and some great ideas for next years retreat.

Until Next update, Keep well and stay safe.



3 thoughts on “Monday Update 16/8/2021”

  1. Hi Tracy. I’m enjoying your drop spindle class – it’s something I’ve thought of doing to get a bit of yarn for weaving, but didn’t know how to!! I used to have a spinning wheel but it went when we downsized!!
    I remember when we spent a year in S America, watching Indian women in Peru and Bolivia with drop spindles, and was always fascinated (that was a long time ago now!). I want to buy one of your kits but we are hoping to move soon, so trying not to get more ‘stuff’, although I guess it’s very small. I really should wait!!
    I’m looking forward to the next parts of the class,

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