The Journey

If life is a journey, then death is the destination. This can either be a freeing thought or a scary one. We all in the end will end up at the same destination. Our journeys may be very different but we all have only one end to it.

Faiths give us guidance and reason to live a good life. Without the guidance of faiths and the consequences they tell us are waiting for us in death we may all end up living our lives only for ourselves, with no fear of the consequences of our actions at the end.

Take away the fear of dying and ending up in hell, many may have of acted in ways that were detrimental to others.

If we only get one life journey, why do so many of us waste it? I include myself in this. We waste it in fear. Fear of following our dreams, fear of failure, fear of not being accepted by others. Fear others won’t like us. This fear is primal and deep rooted in us. Our earliest ancestors would not have survived without working with others within a tribe. The need to be liked and accepted in the group would have life and death consequences. The need for women is stronger as we needed our young protected too.

We no longer, for the most part, need to live within a tribe. Still the in built need for acceptance is within us. And yet isn’t this now a redundant need for survival?

To find a partner and breed may always be at the centre of our need to survive as a species, but even that has become less important with alternative ways of reproduction.

If we only have one life to live, why do many of us not live it for ourselves? My answer to this is fear.

I believe the opposite of fear is peace. with peace comes freedom to be who we dream of being. It’s not bravery, bravery is feeling the fear and overcoming it. With bravery the fear is still there. I want peace in my life.

Peace to be myself. Peace to accept where the journey of life brings me. Peace to know that in the end it all will be well.

2 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. Being true to myself & living to my innermost values, not those of others, has brought me immense peace. I like myself better & I don’t care what others think.

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