Adventures Of Betsy


I’ve had a lovely weekend, out and about in my van Betsy, with Kouta my greyhound friend.

We headed north Friday after work, escaping the rain. Camping Friday night, 10km north of Hawker. Waking to beautiful views.

Saturday we headed out to Hookina, exploring and finding a Geocache to add to my tally. It was a gravel road in and I followed another dirt road into Hawker.

Lunch in Hawker

After a very yummy lunch at the Flinders Food Co. Kouta and I headed to the lookout at Jarvis Hill

It was steep going!
The view was worth the climb

Then it was off to explore the remains of Wilson. A town no longer. I spent awhile chatting to a family who were fishing for a mobile phone that had accidentally been dropped down a well! I left them to it as I went to explore the cemetery.

Next was kanyaka. It’s a fascinating place to visit. I added some video to the Vodcast.


After a long day exploring. Kouta snd I found a quiet roadside stop to spend the night. Meeting up with an adventurous couple who live full time in their Van, a Mercedes Sprinter. It was great to chat to them and hear of their adventures on the road.

Kouta and I spent a lazy day today. Me editing the Vodcast and Kouta sleeping!

Two lazy dogs

Find the latest Vodcast, on YouTube!

1 thought on “Exploring”

  1. Thank you Tracy

    For taking us on your journey through Kanyaka Homestead. It was like I was there with you enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Praying one day we could journey together and create some more wonderful memories.

    Love Janene xo


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