Adventures Of Betsy

Appila Springs

Ashford Merino DK ‘Appila Hat’

I spent a lovely night out at one of my favourite spots. Appila Springs. It was a little chill but not as cold as it can be at this time of year. It’s a lovely peaceful place, with the water trickling over rocks.

Kouta came with me and enjoyed her short walks. Lots of sniffing and tail wags. She’s a wonderful travel companion. She doesn’t expect a conversation and is happy to just be close to me. It has only been two weeks and already Kouta has stolen all our hearts. She comes running whenever anyone comes home,wagging her tail in greeting.


It’s been a few years since I put together a Vodcast. I’d forgotten how much I did enjoy making them. I was very organised and edited in iMovie as I recorded videos.

I recorded knit-a-long classes for the Hummocks hat and the Gembrook ribbed beanie. Plus finished knitting the Ashford Merino DK hat which I’m going to call Appila.

Please let me know if you enjoy the Vodcast and if you would like me to make more.

3 thoughts on “Appila Springs”

  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It was lovely to see & hear your surroundings, the countryside is stunning. It is sad though to see the town looking empty & closed as it is very nice looking.

    Thank you also for showing the cable cast on & your very descriptive instructions, it certainly helps cement the technique in my mind & yes please, I’d love to see & hear more vodcasts.

    With best wishes, Lorna


  2. Thank you for the vodcast that I enjoyed, a good mix of knitting technique and beautiful scenery.
    What a beautiful, peaceful place!
    Thank you for showing the Rob Cable Cast On that you demonstrated in such an effective way that made it easy to learn.
    All the best on your adventures, Silvia


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