What is enough?

Another adventure in Betsy this weekend has me heading north. I like finding quiet spots in out of the way places.

Rocky River

This is Kouta’s first trip with me. We spent our first night along side the Rocky River. Enjoying the bird song and the bubbling of water over the rocks. Kouta loved her quiet walks along dirt tracks. She happily sniffed her way around the Bush. Tail wagging and a spring in her step.

We both slept cozy and sound, warped up in our beds.


The next day we headed in to Port Pirie. The markets were on. And like her mum, Kouta was a little nervous amongst the crowd. Her tail and ears were low and she walked carefully and very close to me.

Many stopped to chat to Kouta and rub her silky soft fur. She did enjoy the pats. One little boy was encouraged by Kouta to continue as she pushed her head into his hand repeatedly.

One couple asked me lots of questions about Kouta and her adoption. They were also about to adopt a retired racer. Kouta still needs to wear her muzzle in public but unlike the little dog who growled and barked at her, her manners were impeccable. I was rather proud of my new friend, even though she was uncomfortable she behaved with grace and calm. She did enjoy the sausage I bought her!

Next we headed over the range to another quiet campsite just north of Murray Town. Remnant gumtrees and eucalyptus forest. Somehow this small section has remained of what is now cleared farming land. Sad really to think how much damage has been done to enable us to eat and prosper as a country.

It got me thinking. What is enough? There’s only so many clothes and shoes you can wear. And I certainly eat more than I need. There’s a roof over my head, that the bank doesn’t own. I have more yarn than I could use in my life time. There are multiple looms in my life too. I have a loving husband and seven children to be proud of. I am truely wealthy and blessed.

The idea that an economy needs to continue to grow to be prosperous I really do not understand. As a country we produce more food than we can eat. Is the cost we pay for this our environment? In return we receive money, which is ‘wealth’. In a global economy maybe the food we produce helps to feed less fertile countries. Our own soils are ancient and by importing phosphates from counties like Nauru to improve the soil we have destroyed another’s environment.

Where does this human need for more come from? I don’t claim not to want more. I like most do. I’d like enough money to have a holiday overseas. I’d like enough money not to worry there isn’t enough in the bank account at the end of the fortnight to buy fuel for the car. My finances are tight but in truth I’m pretty damn wealthy.

Kouta in her new coat

So after my philosophical walk I headed back with Kouta to Betsy and worked a little on my latest patterns. Enjoying the process and starting to relax as I chatted away to the camera.

Next we headed into Melrose for a coffee and another walk. The little town was inundated with visitors and mountain bikes.

Kouta once more claimed hearts and got pats. This time from a family who had recently lost their beloved greyhound. They shared stories and photos of their beloved pet and Kouta received lots of pats from everyone.

Walking Kouta, seems to give people permission to chat to me. It’s really lovely how she melts the normal social reserve strangers have.

After a lovely couple of days on the road it’s now time to head home. I’m looking forward to catching up on what the kids and Peter have been doing. I’ve got some of Sandra’s Biscuits to share too. So I better hit the road before I eat anymore!

1 thought on “What is enough?”

  1. Always love love reading your stories Tracy, they always make me smile (especially when its been hard to smile), cry happy tears for you and reminds me how very lucky & fortunate that we were able to spend sometime in life together. So happy you are able to get out and explore this wonderful land us Aussies have. And feel so blessed that you have share these stories with us. Also love the new addition to your family, a (bit bigger) bundle of joy 😉
    Please give Kouta hugs and pats from us all xo


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