Adventures Of Betsy, mental health, reflections

Adventures Of Betsy

Sunset near Stockwell SA

I headed off in Betsy on Saturday morning. Dropping the working woman to her job on the way. I had no plan of where I was heading! I sat at Zest Cafe and opened the WikiCamps app.

After deciding I wasn’t in the mood to sit near the beach I made the choice to head inland. My preference would of been to head north, I love the outback, but that would of been doubling back.

I read the reviews on WikiCamps for Greenock so headed that way, taking roads I’d not travelled before. Greenock turned out to be a delightful village not far from Nuriootpa. I pulled into the camping area and settled in. Paid my donation and registered. I had a lovely walk around the village, coming back to see more campers had arrived. Then even more came, including a very flash coach. It was all getting a bit busy for me. As I wanted to do some recording for the sock class, I needed minimal noise.

I decided this wasn’t the place for me. I like solitude, the reason I don’t like caravan parks. Having neighbours parked so close I find uncomfortable. Not that I’m running around naked (well that’s another story 🤣)

I love sushi!!

I’m rather pleased I decided not to stay. I found Sushi! Oh my goodness was I happy woman. I love my food, which would explain my very luxurious figure. I’m not even a millennial and here I am sharing photos of my food.

I discovered food heaven. I think I may have over indulged. A couple of shops up from the Sushi place I found a cheese monger.

Cheese ❤️

In my defence there was at least two hours, a walk and a spending spree between these two gastronomic delights.

I also found Food Heaven. I think it was called Nuriootpa Foodland. What an amazing supermarket. Stacked with a huge selection of local gourmet foods. I may have bought a few things. There were Honey biscuits, a German traditional biscuit which many of the original settlers to the Barossa brought the recipe with them. Mostly eaten at Christmas they are too yummy to only eat once a year. Many families in South Australia have recipes which are secret and have been handed down the generations. Not being of German decent I’m left to purchase or be gifted these moreish treats. Then there was the fudge, there may have been almond bread and I think some lavender lollies too ended up in my basket. Now I need to figure out where to hide them so I don’t have to share.


I found a little roadside stop on top of a hill. Parked Betsy behind some trees and settled in for the evening. I didn’t need any dinner!

I spent a quiet evening plotting my sock knitting class. Planning a story board for the recording and researching resources to link to.

After a nice sleep. I headed back into Nuriootpa for brunch before heading back to Clare. I raided the shop for socks and needles before heading out to Farrell Flat for the night.

Silo Art

I finally knuckled down to work and set to recording the sock knitting class. My carefully planned story board went flying past me ears as I sat and recorded knitting my sample sock in one long session. I now have around one and a half hours of video to edit.

I feel a little more settled now I’ve finally got some work started. I’m chopping and changing between projects. I need to work on staying focused on one project at a time. I’d be a lot more productive if I did!

50 plus years and I’m still trying to work out who I am and what I want to do. I don’t feel any wiser than that 18 year old that failed at her first job. Or that 24 year old who arrived at the Alice Springs Airport in 1990 with two suitcases to be greeted by another new teacher with the long remembered words of “I’ve been lent the Ute to pick you up.” Before being deposited at The Oasis motel on a 40C plus day to be told to go for a walk my room wasn’t ready yet. The room I waited in for three days before the HR person came to welcome me.

I walked into my first School with the principal welcoming me as a science teacher, I trained to teach maths! I did let him know and he smiled and said, “You teach science now.”

Welcome to the NT, not today, not tomorrow, not Tuesday and not Thursday, but Territory time. Fitting really in a timeless land.

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