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Dorset Buttons

It’s all Glenda’s doing..

I was lucky enough to attend a Retreat hosted by Jane of Moseley Park and Kathy of Kathy’s fibres at the gorgeous and fascinating Bungaree Station.

The retreat is annually run and unfortunately was cancelled last year due to the interesting times we live in.

I love this retreat. All the fibre addictions were represented. I brought along my basket weaving, didn’t achieve much as I was distracted.

Each year Jane and Kathy organise a little gift for us. This year’s was a pottery medallion made by the very talented Llewena. I wove mine into the basket I was working on.

Llewena’s medallion woven into my basket.

I was asked to teach again. Last retreat I had a huge class for corner to corner crochet and I’m very happy to report a few were still using the skills from that workshop.

This year I taught a Shibori Dye workshop. It was a huge class of nineteen very enthusiastic participants and to my amazement they managed to exhaust a 15 litre Vat before dark. A huge amount of items were dyed in a multitude of techniques. I was pretty exhausted by the end of it and snuck off to bed early!

Glenda ran a Dorset Button workshop on Sunday, which I wasn’t going to do, thinking I do not need another craft! Plus I am not the greatest of learners, I get frustrated quickly and get embarrassed when others see my lack of skill. Well after some encouragement I joined in. I learned the process quickly. Apart from one hiccup, where I heard the others saying how a step was so long. So when it took less than a second I was wondering what I had done wrong! Turns out it was that great Aussie laconic humour and that step was very very short! Maybe I am on the spectrum like my kids? I sometimes don’t get the joke and I take things literally.

Dorset Buttons made by me!

The retreat ended after lunch on Sunday and Betsy and I headed off to a quiet undisclosed spot to camp the night. I was addicted to Dorset Button making and as I had supplied the rings for the class I had a few to play with.

It’s a very relaxing activity and being fairly quick to complete brings great satisfaction. I think for me it’s the joy of bringing my weaving skills to another format that has me hooked.

Thank you to Glenda for addicting me. It was payback for me addicting her to crochet!

Dorset Buttons

It was a pleasure to share the weekend with such an amazingly group of creative women.

Jane is the owner, dyer and soap maker of Moseley Park. Plus the owner of Earth Palette Dyes

Kathy is the dyer, spinner and owner of Kathy’s Fibres

They both have very active Forum groups on Ravelry

Missing a couple

1 thought on “Dorset Buttons”

  1. This makes me smile so broadly! Your buttons are gorgeous, and I recognise your first one amongst your display. I also love the floral one, and the bottom lemon petal one.

    Good thing you had a secret ring stash!


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