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Celebrating the small

I painted these!!

One of my goals this year is to try new things.

I started Activation Therapy, I didn’t stick with it. 🙄 I did however get a couple of takeaways from it.

1. Setting small achievable goals is important for improving mental health.

Even the smallest step forward is a step towards getting better.

2. The reward is important, it reinforces the positive changes.

I am rewarded myself with new art materials and a coffee at the Olive Bus.

The Clare Village Markets were on yesterday and after spending a relaxing morning knitting at the Olive Bus, I visited the market and met Meg Madder and purchased one of her watercolour kits.

I spent a fun evening painting in watercolour, really enjoying the process. I love the lack of control over where the paint spreads too. It’s a real trick to get the water to paint ratio right. I did resort to soaking up excess with paper towel.

Megs Facebook page is here:

And her website, where you can buy kits is here:

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the small”

  1. Hi Tracy. I love the three succulents in their bright red pots. If you ever decide to sell it, I would be happy to buy it. You have such a feel for colours. I follow you blog and I had read this post back in April. Sorry it has taken me until now to post a comment. Keep going on your adventures!


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