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Why Batch?

Noah’s Promise

When working on repeating blocks. I like to complete the first one. Then I batch the rest.

Batching blocks

I find batching to be a faster way to work. Eliminating the need to search out the next colour. And in more complicated blocks, I find it’s easier to keep the pattern in my head, avoiding having to refer to the pattern multiple times.

This design is called Noah’s Promise. I’m hoping to have it published soon. I decided to test the written instructions by making another in a different colourway. I’m working in Superb 8. Large range of colours of quality acrylic yarn, made in Turkey.

Do you batch? Or not?

3 thoughts on “Why Batch?”

  1. Tracy, your works and ideas are truly amazing. You are right, it would be so much easier and is the most logical way to complete blocks. I love the square patch blankets and have yearned to complete one. However, I tend dive into patterns which over complicates things and leaves me with many UFO/Is – items. Looking forward to giving your idea a go. Would also love to create with you one day.

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      1. love you too Tracy, think of you often too, and you are always be in my heart
        Crap friends don’t waist time on thinking of others, so you cannot possibly be one.
        Sending love to you & your family this Easter & always xo

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