South Australia Leads The Way

Here in South Australia, single use plastic cutlery and straws have been banned. Many cafes now use wood cutlery and paper straws, which are used once and discarded. A zero waste solution is to carry your own metal cutlery and straws.

Cutlery Cosy

These cosies are fast to make in cotton for easy washing. This is more of a recipe than a pattern. The cosy is made by crocheting two long rectangles. One just longer than your cutlery and another 3-4 cms longer for the flap.

UK crochet terms used.

  • 100% cotton yarn 10ply (Finch Fiddlesticks)
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • Stitch markers or pins
Abbreviations (uk)
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Htr – half treble
  • St/s – stitches

Chain 11 Loosely.

Row 1 (1dc,1htr) across (10sts last st is a htr)

Repeat row one until the rectangle measure just a little longer than your cutlery.

Make a second rectangle 3-4 cms longer than the first

Joining rectangles

Lay your rectangles on top of each other. Use pins or stitch markers to pin the pieces together.

Joining 1 – The pink one. DC around the the edge through both layers to join and around the flap. I start at a bottom corner and remove stitch markers/ pins as I go.

Joining 2 – The taupe one. Surface slip stitch around in a contrasting colour, working through both rectangles to join them and then around the flap.


Sew in ends.

Make a chain 30-40cm long and use it to thread through the front rectangle and the flap. Tie with a bow. Another option would be to add a button or Velcro.

The cosies are made out of the same cotton I use for dishclothes so can be thrown in the washing machine or hand washed easily.

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