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The best laid plans

Catching up with some spinning

I took off in Betsy on Thursday. The plan was to spend a night at the Broughton River, listening to the water trickling over the rocks. Then to come home Friday

The first part of the plan went well. I enjoyed my blissful night in nature. Went to the shop on Friday, where Kate gave me some help counting yarn. After that the plan came unstuck.

Not in the plan!

I started to get a sore belly, dispute trying a few remedies it got worse. I went to rest in Betsy but things got worse. My temperature was high and I wasn’t keeping any fluids in.

The pain was huge, too much for me to drive home. I rang an Ambulance and was quickly transported to hospital where I was given a bed for two nights!

The Clare Ambulance and Hospital staff were amazing! So compassionate and caring. We are so fortunate to live in a country that provides health care to all.

I finally arrived home on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday I’m still a little weak and tender but on the road to recovery.

Hopefully I will back in the shop tomorrow getting back to work, after my unexpected break.

4 thoughts on “The best laid plans”

  1. Oh no, Tracy, that sounds terrible. Great you could get an ambulance and the Clare Hospital came to the rescue! Did they work out what the problem was?
    Anyway, hope your feeling much better now but don’t rush into things – takes a while to recover from something like that!!


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