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The fourth age

If you’re going to have a middle aged crisis, this isn’t a bad one to have.

On the road to Melrose

I’ve been out and about in Betsy on my own for the last few days.

Edithburgh swimming pool

I headed down to the heal of the Yorke Peninsula. Visiting places I’ve not visited since childhood. Edithburgh is still as beautiful as I remember it to be. I headed to Worooka and stayed the night there.

Worooka was as friendly as I remembered it to be. I stayed there when I was 8 on a school excursion. The free camping near the oval was fabulous. I walked around the town the next morning, loving the historic signage. The signs told not just the history of the buildings but the names and lives of the people who lived there. The cemetery is in town and I took my time visiting, reading the names, feeling a little sad of lives ended so young. Feeling grateful I lived at a time where my babies would grow to adulthood and I could birth without the same risk of dying as women not so long ago. In less than a century we have gone from childbirth being one of the major causes of death for women to something taken for granted we will survive.

What made women take the risk to bear children, in such a harsh land and time?

A stroll along the beach

The next day I strolled along a beach. Watching the Pelicans and Gulls greedily and happily greeting a fisherman divesting himself of left over bait.

I found a spot to park

I found a spot to park the van at Port Victoria for the day. I sat and painted, with a spectacular view. I walked along the beach enjoying the salty air. Reading of the history of the tall ships that had taken the wheat from here all over the world. I stayed the night at the local sports ground. With some nosy neighbours, one who sneezed a lot!

Nosy neighbours!

I headed the next day for Moonta Bay and a swim on a rather cool day. I had brunch on the veranda of a cafe.

Bayview cafe Moonta Bay

The service was lovely. A look in the eye, a smile and a chat make all the difference. I felt special as I sat there and drank coffee.

I stayed that night in Moonta. There’s a fabulous free camp spot on the edge of the town. The next day I headed to Bute to pick up the Party Girl!

Too much partying??

The Party Girl and I headed to Lochiel for a walk on the salt lake and brunch. Then headed into Clare to pick up some yarn and hooks.

I headed home to Jamestown. Dropping off the Party Girl and my dirty laundry. Plus grabbed a shower before kissing the House Elf and heading north.


Now here I sit contemplating life. Enjoying the evening breeze on my skin, writing a blog post. Not for you, but for me. So I can remember and read back on days that aren’t so perfect.

Time to myself, time with my thoughts, time where no one is asking me for anything. Time to just be. I love being a mum, I love being a wife, I love my little shop but I’ve forgotten who I am in the midst of all the busyness of my life. I forgot who I am when I’m not defined by my work, relationship and what I do.

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