Impractical and romantic

Baby booties … sigh 🥰

As many mothers know, it’s almost impossible to keep baby booties on baby feet. Still after seven babies, it’s a gift I like to knit and give. And one I loved to receive, for the romance and promise of those tiny toes to come.

Even though I know the baby bootie is highly impractical, the tradition and romance of these cute little feet coverings has me picking up the knitting needles, time and time again.

I use 15cm double pointed needles to knit these sweet little knits. The perfect length to work such tiny items. I often use double pointed needles to knit tiny items.

There are many patterns that claim they are Stay On Booties, but I do not think the pattern writer has ever met my babies! Mine could wiggle out of car seat harnesses, I’ve always thought I could make money from renting my kids out as testers for any product that claims to stay on or keep a child restrained.

I gave up putting booties or shoes on my babies. There’s only so many times you can return home with only one shoe remaining, the budget just didn’t cope!

My solution in the end was socks UNDER a bonds suit!

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