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Beep beeping around SA

Happy travelers – At Lochiel Lake Bumbunga pink salt lake

Getting out and about in the first week of the year. It’s been surprisingly cool for summer here in South Australia. Lochiel SA

The copilot and I headed for the coast, keen to have a swim.

The copilot was keen on swimming at Port Wakefield

Getting off the main highway through Port Wakefield, we discovered a lovely spot for a swim. A little cool for me, but not for the copilot! Port Wakefield tidal swimming pool made for easy supervision of the Copilot.

A refuelling stop at one of Port Wakefield’s famous bakeries.

Next we headed down the coast to Ardrossan. We had a walk along the jetty. The wind was blowing a gale.

Lots of fishing on the jetty in Ardrossan

Next we headed into Maitland to stay at a great little free camp spot, next to toilets and BBQ. Maitland has some great Op-shops and a fantastic bakery. It’s great to see how other small towns are attracting visitors. I loved the free camp for the night. Freeing up some extra money to spend at the bakery on a yummy treat or two.

Moonta Bay

The next day we headed to Moonta Bay. The Copilot had a fun time in the swimming enclosure. Climbing on and jumping off the swimming pontoons was a hit. I could easily supervise from the jetty. I know she is now 11 and a confident swimmer but I still like to have my eyes on her when she’s in the water. We ended our trip with a visit to Splash Town, another free attraction!

Splash town

We headed into Moonta to stay at another free camp spot. The Copilot and I have stayed here before. It’s a great spot close to town. We did a little grocery shopping at the local Drakes supermarket for dinner and had a wonderful breakfast at one of the local cafes.

When I am privileged enough to have free camping I make sure I spend in the town. If I’d spent $35 in a caravan park I wouldn’t of spent that on breakfast in a local cafe.

I’m very appreciative of those little towns that offer these great little spots to pull over for the night. Betsy has her own solar power, water and even a toilet. We don’t need all the facilities of a caravan park.

Dinner from Moonta Drakes supermarket. A nice view in the free camp.

I love travelling around with the Copilot. Making memories and exploring new places. Adventure is a wonderful thing. I feel I’ve missed a lot with her and Michael in the five years of running a small business. Finding a way forward with Knit Spin Weave, that gives me more time with my family is essential.

I’m making some changes going forward. KSW is going online and visitors by appointment. Meaning I won’t have to be in the shop waiting for customers. I can reclaim some time to do other things. I can still have visitors to the shop but I won’t need to be sitting waiting on days when no one comes in. I won’t need to deal with being a COVID marshal. It’s not a problem if the state gets locked down again, the business can still keep going online.

The inventory problems I was having by selling in in two ways are also solved by going online. December was the lowest turnover in 5 years. Many days I was taking less than $30. That just isn’t sustainable. It’s costing more in petrol to get to Clare than I was turning over. I had to face the decision to also let the studio go. With all the COVID restrictions it’s not viable to be running classes and the shop isn’t turning over enough to pay its lease, let alone the studios too.

By making these decisions now I can keep KSW ticking along online until the pandemic and economic struggles ease.

I’m “reframing” the situation and being excited for the future rather than anxious about the changes.

By reframing my anxious brain by telling it I’m excited for the changes to come I’m helping myself stay positive and maintaining my mental health.

2 thoughts on “Beep beeping around SA”

  1. You sound so upbeat and relaxed, happy with yourself as well as your work/homelife choices. The decisive changes seem to have lifted a burden. Enjoy!


  2. Really put a smile on my face reading this. Really warmed my heart seeing you and your co-pikot making memories together! There really are some places in SA. Can’t beat Pt Wakefield for a stop over. By the way you are a great photographer!


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