mental health, reflections

Mind, body and spirit.

Taking time out to nourish myself today. A massage and acupuncture at The Beautique in Clare. Josie and Michael have made a huge difference to my wellness. It astounds me how connected our mental and physical health is. Since March I’ve been struggling to stay mentally healthy. As a result of all the stress, my body too has suffered. The constant stress was physically in my shoulders and neck, to the extent of it being physically painful. Since starting to have weekly massage and acupuncture the pain has eased.

Nurturing my spirit is being creative for me. Being creative connects me to a higher being, the muse of creativeness. Indigo dye is fun and creative. Folding, scrunching, twisting, pegging and tying to produce one of a kind pieces. The bags and shirts are destined for the shop.


While the indigo vat did its job, I dyed up some wool in the microwave with Ashford dyes. The hot pink and yellow skein is telling me it wants to be a baby cardigan.

Lino print tags

I also printed some more tags for my creations. I’m loving taking the time to create. Learning new techniques and staying in the moment.

It’s hard to overthink and ruminate on what may or may not be while I’m focusing on creating.

I’m not wishing for anything for 2021. I’m working on becoming stronger; physically, mentally and spiritually. Giving myself the strength and skill to handle what may come. To take the joy and peace from the simple things of life and being strong enough to accept the events I have no control over.

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