Indigo dyeing

Rubber bands and rocks.

Knit Spin Weave annual Christmas Party had a twist this year. I added an indigo Vat.

There may have been a few cocktails had..

It was a lovely creative afternoon. I love that our little group is so diverse in age. Pauline regaled us with stories of her evacuation from London during World War 2. I love her down to earth Londoner attitude to life. Her kindness and still being so active and engaged in the community. Pauline makes decorative table lamps from old bottles and sells them to raise money for charity.

Chris would be our youngest member

This years Kris Kringle swap was handmade only. Chris managed to score one of Deb’s Jingle Santa hats.

New comers Sarah and Tina

We’ve lost a few members this year but gained a few too. 2020 has brought many changes to relationships and friendships this year.

It’s not always a negative for friendships to move on. I’m finding it opens room for others to walk through the door.

Food and friendship.

Deb wearing one of her Jingle hats. We knitted and crafted away as the dye vat worked its magic.

Rinse rinse rinse

The rinsing out took the longest!

Indigo bag.

I still have the vat. Over the January break I’m planning on dyeing up a few scarves snd bags for the shop.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s wishing you all the strength you need for 2021 and the gift of discovering that happiness is a choice. Tomorrow is always a new day.

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