Top ten lessons of 2020

Small business is hard. (Yep, I think that one is in every years list)

You can’t pay a lease with yarn. (Or eat it)

The goodness in people shines in a crisis. ( More are good than not)

Boundaries are important. (Still learning this one)

Customers are not friends. ( and this is perfectly ok)

Discernment is required when making friends. ( one 3am friend is all you need.)

Stressing will not change the situation. (And results in increased medications)

My word of the year is ‘gaslighting’. (Cut these people out of your life ASAP, you do not need them)

No one is kind all the time, including me. (Especially not me and that’s ok, I’m human and when hurt I bite back)

1. Respect and honor yourself. Be your own best friend. (Let your higher self, tell your inner critic to shut the ….. up.)

11. My cat loves me. (And I can’t count)

Here’s to a fabulous 2121

Thank you to everyone who has supported Knit Spin Weave in 2020.

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