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Just finish something !

So many projects almost finished.

Shell be right

I’m so frustrated with myself. I have all these patterns almost ready to publish and for some reason just can’t bring myself to do the last 5% of the job!

Noah’s promise

What to do? I’ve tried taking myself away in Betsy just to work on them. I find lots of ways to avoid doing any work!

Mosaic cowl

So what I need to ask myself is why? What’s the block?

It’s fear again. Fear of failure, not being good enough.

Someone kick me!

3 thoughts on “Just finish something !”

  1. Set aside half an hour to work on one thing. Do something else, dishes, folding washing, gardening, then go back for another half an hour. Soon you will have one thing finished and it will be beautiful.

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  2. Hearing you. So many unfinished projects and unpublished patterns are included for me too.
    Fear of failure is real. But as you know it’s often due to catastrophizing.
    Positive self talk helps. You can do it. So can I.
    Take care 💗


  3. Tracy it was so great to meet you when we visited Claire.
    Had a coffee and scone and we sat and chatted.
    Wishing you and your family good health and happiness for a happy Christmas and a stress free 2021.


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