Saturday Studio Day

Saturday is quickly becoming my favourite day of the week. From 1:30pm each Saturday it’s Open Studio!

This week I made my Saturday Studio day a spinning one. Three of us took to our wheels. I tweaked Chris’s wheel to make it easier to spin.

Rosemary had a lesson on fibre preparation, with drumcarders, hand cards and picking clouds.

Natalie and Mardi had some help dyeing socks with Earth Palette dyes.

Deb needed no help at all. She popped in for a knit and company.

Want a hand learning a new skill? Pop into the Studio on Saturday for 1:30pm. Email me prior so I can have an idea of how I can help and ensure I have any materials needed on hand.

Studio is air conditioned and has toilet facilities available. A donation to help pay the bills is always welcome into the red tin by the door. It’s not compulsory but if you can help it will ensure I can keep the bills paid.

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