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Thursday Nights in the Studio

Our little knit Night crew has shrunk since the COVID lockdown. Less are coming, which although sad, has allowed the remaining members to try new things. Smaller groups are easier to set up for. With limited working space at the dye/felting tables the smaller numbers ensure no one missed out.

Last night we tried botanical dyeing, sometimes called eco dyeing. Deb, Chris, Tina and I brought a long a mixture of plant materials to try.

Eco dyeing

I had prepared a solution of rusty nails, vinegar and water. Washed the fabric to remove the finish and soaked it in a mix of Soya milk and water.

The result was interesting. There wasn’t a lot of variation in the colours. The gum leaves came up strong. The oak too can be clearly seen. The fern wasn’t visible at all.

I have one more piece of mordanted fabric still soaking and will have another play tonight without the lichen.

Thank you Pauline, Deb, Tina, Chris and Sandra (via Zoom) for a fun creative night!

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