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If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.

I’ve taken up a new hobby. Peter and I did DNA tests during the first lockdown. More to see if the family rumour on Peter’s side was true. The story being one of his great grandmothers was Chinese and had come to Australia during the early gold rushes. Sure enough Peter’s DNA ethnicity came back with Chinese ancestory, specifically southern China.

Mine was a bit of a surprise. I’ve always identified as being English but it turns out there is very little English in my DNA!

Researching my mum’s side of the family hasn’t been very successful. Too many William Williams, Owen Owens, Robert Roberts and even an Edward Edwards!

Dad’s side turned out to be a breeze! It seems once you have a title turn up, the links are easy to follow. The double check of my DNA 🧬 links to others, also linked to the ancestor made it easy. And there was a rather stunning surprise to be had!

The biggest surprise was, my 14th great grandfather, Sir Robert V Sempill, 3rd Earl of Eliotstoun. Doing a ‘goggle’, I discovered that Sir Robert’s first wife my 14th great Grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Montgomerie1489–1523 was a descendant of Robert II of Scotland. And via Robert II , Lady Elizabeth was a descendant of Margret of Wessex (Saint Margret) a descendant of the Anglo Saxon kings of Wessex.

I’m not sure what Saint Margret would think about her umpteen great grand daughter! But I’m pretty impressed to be a descendant of such a great lady. I’m also inspired to learn more about her and the Scottish Kings.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few months trying to figure out who I am and who I want to be. Trying to find the path I want to follow and where I want to go. Having my DNA tested and researching who my family are and where they come from, has been a grounding experience.

It’s given me a sense of belonging. I still have a lot of research to do, I’ve only done the bare bones and I was fortunate in my dads side to be able to benefit from the research of those I share DNA with.

3 thoughts on “If your hobby becomes your job, you need a new hobby.”

      1. Hi Tracy – hope you are going well now.
        When using Ancestry (or other DNA testing sites) I hope you checked their privacy policy carefully. Some places share very personal data with other companies – and you can’t get much more personal than your DNA data!!


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