The intermittent weaver

It has been a long time since I pulled Katie out of her bag.

Oops… where’s the lift plan??

When I did I found I had her warped and I had started weaving a pattern. But to my horror no draft to be found! I searched handweaving.net for about an hour to no success. My only solution was to unweave a section, recording the lift plan as I went.

Fortunately it worked and I was back to work, until I ran out of weft yarn and discovered the rest of it was at home!

Back to my trusty SampleIt I went.

Lopi Einband on the loom at 10dpi

1 thought on “The intermittent weaver”

  1. Tracy, I haven’t tried Lopi Einband on my Sampleit – only used it for tapestry weaving. What do you make with it on your Sampleit loom?

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