Adventures Of Betsy

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

A Bruce sunset

The second half of my road trip I headed north. Peter met me in Port Pirie and took Heather home with him And I was on my own.

I headed off to visit friends who have recently made the town of ‘Bruce’ their home. More than doubling the population.

Driving dirt roads reminded me of my years living in the Territory. The amazing sunsets and dazzling stars. The wide red land for me.

I next headed to Hammond 17kms away from Bruce. Visiting cemeteries with long forgotten graves. On top of windy hills. Reflecting on how hard life would have been in those early years. More dirt roads and I headed to Carrieton. Thinking I would stay, only to find they were booked out!

I love the churches in these little towns. Built with such hope. Many of our towns were settled by groups who were of particular faiths. Jamestown where I live was predominately Catholic. Laura predominately Lutheran. You can generally figure it out by which is the biggest church. I loved the simplicity of the Methodist church in Carrieton.

I finally stop travelling and stayed two nights in a roadside stop near Orroroo to do what I came away to do. Writing out my goals for the next five years.

With my goals mostly written I headed home. Ready to open the shop again tomorrow!

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