When a crafty woman packs for a holiday …

What to pack?

I’m so excited about my up coming holiday with Heather!

What to Pack? I’m not concerned with clothes and food. It’s what crafty projects do I take!!

Have you heard the term SABLE? – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectation. I’m sure I have a similar problem when packing projects to take on holiday.

The List


My wheels – Joy and E-spinner, plus fleeces and fibre to spin. I’ll need a variety to choose from!


My crochet hooks – all of them I might not have the right size otherwise. Plus my iPad for the patterns and maybe just 20 colours of the Superb 8, just so I have some choice. Mmm might need all 68. Plus there’s the two big blankets that are on the go and the yarn for them.


My knitting needles, better pack the circulars and double pointed. Plus all three pairs of half finished sock, that jumper I started for Fern last year. Then there is the beautiful yarn I wanted to design something for. Mmm better pack my sketchbooks and calculator too. Ooo might need my blocking mats and pins too.


My Sampleit and all the reeds, plus I need to choose a few yarns. I need to remember my warping peg!

I think that’s it. Hopefully Heather doesn’t need to bring much.

Any ideas of what else I will need?

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