Making Lemonade

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Winston Churchill

Doing business in the Time of Covid is somewhat challenging. A time of significant change, uncertainty and fear.

I’m finding my biggest challenge is dealing with the emotional impacts. The fear and uncertainty. I’m trying my best to find the opportunities in the crisis. The opportunities to do things differently. To use this time of upheaval to think and consider what I want in my life. To think about the things I do because I think I am expected to do them and the things I do because they bring me benefit.

Spending more time with the ones I love

I’m limiting myself from seeing the fears of others. I have removed social media. I do understand why people are fearful, I just do not agree with some of them and I’m not mentally strong enough to battle their belief in my mind. On Social Media I find I’m talked at not to, I have no control in the discussions I see. I can scroll passed them but I still absorb them.

I noticed something .. this tree has it’s branches growing down not up!

I need to listen more to myself. The art of listening isn’t just for how I should engage with others. It is also what I should do for myself.

What do you want from life?

Such a simple question can be hard to answer. The answer entangled with my identity of self, heritage, upbringing, culture and those I am surrounded by. The Time Of Covid is an opportunity to examine what it is that I truely want. Free from many of my past beliefs of how life should be.

When business is crap anyway, its a great time to try new ways to do business. A time to examine the questions of, “Do I really want to run a business?”, “What do I want from a business? When turnover is low, taking a week or two away to really think, is not a financial hardship.

Forest bathing.. it really is a thing!

Taking Time To Just Be

The connected world I live in gives me no rest from constant information. I have signed up for too many, ‘How to Run a Business Successfully’ classes. All have cost me financially and all I have not followed through on. And by not following through I have judged myself negatively, finding yet another thing I can fail at. I’ve looked outside of myself to find the answers of what it takes to run a successful business, but I haven’t taken the time to ask myself, “Why do you want a business?”, “What is my idea of being a success?” and most importantly, “What do I want out of Life?” To really ask myself, past the easy answers of what I think others expect and would approve of.

The people pleaser in me will tell anyone what they want to hear, it’s one of my worst habits. A protective behaviour picked up in childhood to avoid upsetting others. To such an extent I do not really know what I want. I will even lie and agree with others rather than displease them. Not a great strategy for living an authentic life.

I took a day off the shop yesterday and Peter stepped in for the day. I spend some time cleaning and clearing out the junk that was lying around. As I did this I realised this is what I have been doing in the last couple of weeks, clearing out the ‘junk’ in my life. Examining what can be let go. I put up with a lot of ‘junk’ in my life to please others. Social media being part of that ‘junk’ I need to let go. It’s useful for others but at this time in my life it is not serving me.

I’m starting to feel more at peace with myself as I clear out some of the unnecessary things, freeing space for the new things I do want in my life.

I’m starting to see the ‘Time Of Covid’ may be the opportunity I need to stop plodding in my life and start dancing.

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