Knit Night

I am very blessed to spend each Thursday night with an amazing group of people. We chat, laugh, and craft. We’re all pretty chill and laid back. There’s really none of that competitiveness you can get with a group of makers. We don’t try to save the world, there’s no formality. We just bring our projects.

Tina’s amazing knitting skills.

Last night was a smaller group and was so lovely. Instead of ending at 7:30pm, we were still there after 9pm. I love that we could have silences that no one needed to fill with conversation as we worked. The conversation was broad and funny.

Pauline proved you’re never too old to try something new.

We had started at 5pm with a pop up workshop of needle felting and everyone stayed on for Knit Night. Our ages were spread over five decades, from those in their 30’s to those in their 80’s.

The beautiful Chris and Deb, learning to stab wool.

Thank you Deb, Chris, Tina, Pauline, Jenny and Sandra (on zoom) for a fun felty evening.

Jenny, reminded us not to share needles. Especially after stabbing yourself a few times.

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