How we see ourselves.

Which animal are you most like? Was a question asked of me at University. The exercise, I think, was to show us that how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. There was a small selection of animals to choose from. I chose the turtle.

needle felted turtle on a gel plate printed sea.

I see myself as someone who likes to hide in her shell when I feel insecure and anxious. To my surprise my classmates saw me as a tiger! I had never thought before about how there could be a difference between how I saw myself and how others saw me.

At present I’m feeling very turtle like. I’m withdrawing into my shell and hiding from the world. When my mental health spirals down I over think. I think friends are excluding me from social events and my social anxiety takes over. Removing myself from social media and making my world smaller is my way of coping. If I’m not in the world to be invited in the first place, I won’t feel hurt I wasn’t.

It’s really my perception of the world and how I react to it that hurts me the most.



3 thoughts on “How we see ourselves.”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling down, Tracy. It certainly is a hard time for many people and getting away from social media sounds like a good idea! Hope things pick up for you very soon.
    Is your online shop still open? I couldn’t find the website when I looked yesterday.
    Sonya xx

    1. Hi Sonya,
      Thank you 💕 I have the shop down at present as there’s an issue with supply in a few of the yarns. So I don’t want to risk selling something I can’t order in.
      If there’s anything you’re particularly looking for email me and I can check

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