Small Is Beautiful

So often I have been told, you have to have social media if you have a business. I have deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts! (GULP!!) I know many loved my social media so this wasn’t something I did without thought.

I’ve been slowly weaning myself off the social media over the last few weeks. The amount of difficulty I experienced was immense. The number of times I picked up the phone to check it was a wake up call. Social media is very addictive and a hard habit to break. Especially if you run a business.

Social media isn’t a good addiction for me to have. I have been discovering spending less time on it was increasing my creativity and concentration span. Picking up the phone to check the business Facebook and Instagram accounts saw me swiping up aimlessly for more time than I wanted. The constant comparing myself to others was not healthy and hard for me to control.

There are other ways to connect to people. Blogging being one.

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I never did like the paved roads and highways of life. I much prefer the excitement of a less travelled path. It’s more peaceful, less overwhelming. I don’t feel the need to grow my business. I like it small and local. I like sitting out the front spinning and chatting to people. I don’t want to be so busy I can’t spend the time to chat and help.

Bigger isn’t better and often isn’t more profitable. And profit isn’t only measured in cash. Profit for me, is the enjoyment I get from helping others to find their creative spirits. It’s being surrounded with yarn, colour and inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Small Is Beautiful”

  1. Good on you. Social media is such a time thief.
    Im thinking about making the break myself.
    Look forward to reading your future blogs.

    I have a blog too but been very slack since i started it. You have inspired me thank you. 🙂

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  2. This is wonderful! The insistent need for social media content is not only time consuming, it’s draining. You’ve encouraged me to change my focus, and reinvigorated me. I’ve been very quiet on social media for quite some time. Often, because I want to share something without spending 4 hours getting the “perfect” photo, or because I don’t think it’s necessarily “related” to my business. You’ve given me courage, and hope.
    Enjoy your holiday, enjoy your time ❤


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